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Touch Me Babe!

Thanks for the blog title, Jim Morrison!

But I’m not writing about the Doors. This is simply the next installment in my January series about fitness and our senses. I covered vision, hearing, and smelling. Watch this space for taste. But for now, let’s get to touching. Stand a little closer to the screen, baby!

I just finished reading “In Real Life,” which is all about people creating virtual identities for themselves. I also made a conscious effort this week to spend more time in the real world (e.g., including a sewing workshop, lunches and drinks with friends, a book club, and volunteering for Defy Ventures, which even included a “hugging” icebreaker at the beginning). Being around humans felt really good.

We are living a world where people handle their electronic devices constantly. But are we touching each other enough? Non-verbal communication can speak volumes, even if the connection is just a facial expression or a handshake. Touching can reduce stress and lower blood pressure, according to this article.

I’m not advocating that we all run around fondling our co-workers and the guy who sells us coffee in the AM. (In fact, the guy who started the Free Hugs campaign was sometimes viewed as a creeper.) But, as we head into the new year, maybe we should think about the fact that although we all love our iPhones and Androids, they will never hug us back.

And, just as I began with a rock and roll reference, I’ll end with one. “Just a little of that human touch!

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