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In Poor Taste

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We like what we like.

Taste, like vision, has multiple meanings. It can be as simple as an aesthetic or gastronomic preference. For example…I don’t like Comic Sans or lima beans.

But taste levels are complex and run much deeper than fonts and legumes. Our tastes in comedy, literature, romantic partners, and even weird stuff like paper towels and toilet paper can vary widely.  Researchers have even studied relationships between people with similar musical tastes. Read all about it here.

As the study shows, we tend to gravitate to and like people whose tastes we share. Hence the birth of Facebook Groups and re-pins on Pinterest.

Then, of course, there’s the phenomenon of tastemakers, those people who dictate or influence what’s hot in food, fashion, music, and home decor. Wikihow even offers a “course” on how to become a Facebook tastemaker.

But one can’t really MAKE taste, can one? After all, we like what we like. We may just pretend to like something to fit in. Or click that LIKE button just to be nice to someone we know.

But no one can ever make me like lima beans. In the real world — or the digital world! Just sayin’…

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