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The 100 Years Club Installment #49: Penultimate

Reading Time: 3 minutes That’s my word of the week — PENULTIMATE. It’s a fancy-schmancy way of saying “second to last.” And it’s especially fitting because this is my penultimate post of 2023. We’re entering that frenetic pre-Xmas week (and penultimate week of the year) when people are: Rushing around, buying last-minute gifts Attending last-minute events (like this one […]


What’s in your Trapper Keeper?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Back-to-school shopping used to be so simple If I were a 6th grader in 2015 I’d probably be having some kind of personal brand crisis right now. Back when I was a kid, my mom simply took me to Hartman’s, the low-key variety store on Union Turnpike and I pickedĀ out a new pencil case and […]