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The 100 Years Club Installment #49: Penultimate

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That’s my word of the week — PENULTIMATE.

It’s a fancy-schmancy way of saying “second to last.”

And it’s especially fitting because this is my penultimate post of 2023.

We’re entering that frenetic pre-Xmas week (and penultimate week of the year) when people are:

  • Rushing around, buying last-minute gifts
  • Attending last-minute events (like this one — hint, hint)
  • Realizing they haven’t completed work projects they committed to in 2023, and are suffering from anxiety and making other people’s lives miserable
  • Starting to unplug (if they haven’t already) and saying, “We’ll loop back in the New Year.”
  • Either really excited and energized by the holiday season OR kinda sad that they’ll be alone OR worried that they’ll have to deal with family issues OR some combo of other emotions. (A whopping 38% of people report feeling depressed this time of year. So much for holiday cheer! The good news is that you’re not alone.)

But let’s throw a little tinsel around and keep things bright and merry this week.

  1. You’re still alive and have the sight to read this article (or technology to read it to you)!
  2. Even if you’re >50, chances are you have up to 37 more years left (or perhaps more). You can do those things you’ve been talking about for the first 50.
  3. You must have a little something going on that you can be grateful for — or at least one person on earth who cares about your well-being.
  4. Whatever you can’t get done in 2023 will likely still be waiting for you in 2024 and maybe it’ll ultimately be even better. Separate your hard deadlines from the self-imposed ones and plan accordingly.
  5. If you’re alone this holiday season, you can use social media to find other people in similar situations and gather, volunteer, or simply enjoy your solo time with a favorite book, movie, home project, exercise, or other stimulating or relaxing activity. (I binge on movies during Xmas week, exercise, organize my apartment, knit and/or cook,  and teach myself at least one new tech skill.)

So, no matter what you’re feeling this penultimate week, just go with the flow and power through the holiday season, appreciating the little things in life, giving to others, and celebrating the years you’ve spent on the planet.

Even some of the ghosts of Xmas Past have been friendly ones!

Xmas Present is what you make of it!

And only you can create Xmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) Future!

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  1. Even on my worst days, I can find a heartfelt gratitude. Happy penultimate week…


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