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The 100 Years Club Installment #9: 10 Ways to Live to 100

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No guarantees, of course!

But, if we’re going to be part of “The 100 Years Club” (the 4M people who will live to be 100+ by 2030), these are 10 ways to help us get there.

When you think about “spring cleaning,” look inward first. Your closet can wait a week or two.

Brain Power

Scientists are just starting to understand the brains of Super Agers (people in their 70s and 80s who still have the cognitive powers of people much younger. I write and think way faster now than I did a few years ago. So, maybe I have a shot at making the list.

Science confirms that my five “fountains of brain youth” may be on-point. For example, I:

  1. Avoid stress. I keep clear of toxic people (more on that next week) and shut down unproductive thoughts. Here’s what stress can do to us. It’s not pretty.
  2. Explore. The number of people my age who stay put or indulge in repetitive habits is shocking. Learning, seeking out new forms of entertainment, reading, and traveling all expand my mind (literally). Here’s a great study about the brains of lifelong learners.
  3. Appreciate the powers of color and smellThrough a client and a local friend, I learned more about how sensory inputs impact mood, effectiveness, energy, and even focus. Color science is very different from color theory. More on that to come!
  4. Organize my life and space. I’m not just talking about tidy Google Docs (although that helps). Simplifying the world around me opens opportunities to do things I enjoy.
  5. Exercise and sleep. It’s a fact. Moving and resting are good for your brain. Read on….

Body Positive

Today’s media loves to talk about “anti-aging,” but we need to learn to embrace the process (because it’s inevitable) and show our scars and wrinkles with pride. Like tats, they tell a story of where we’ve been and what we believe.

Things I do to improve my strength, balance, physical health, and self-esteem include:

  1. Weight training. Building muscle mass is key.
  2. Getting enough high-quality sleep. It’s good for your body AND your brain.
  3. Eating and medicating wisely. Make small food changes like these. Of course, I indulge in the occasional french fry splurge, but I eat pretty clean these days. Having your hormones checked and adjusted can help too.
  4. Stretching. Taking up a weekly hot yoga class has helped my balance and forced me to spend 45 minutes in “zen mode” each week (which gives my brain a much-needed rest). Here’s why stretching is so important as we age.
  5. Surrounding myself with positive and encouraging people. Being around younger people can sometimes make us notice the impact of aging on our bodies. Face it. You will never look 17 again. Tune out the youth-obsessed media and be your best self at 60, 70, 80, 90, or even 100! More actresses are coming forward and expressing their regrets about messing up their faces with injections. Let’s make wrinkles cool! And watch this series for next week’s post about “detoxing your relationships.”

Will everything on the list of 10 prolong my life or your life? Only time will tell. Scientists are just starting to delve into the keys to active aging as the size of the population >65 increases.

Pick up a kettlebell, make a smoothie, get to bed early tonight, and plan that next wild (or at least fun) adventure.

I’ll see you at 100 and beyond!

P.S. Yes…I made the graphics with me in them. My tech skills are fresher than ever!

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