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Pulse-ating: What drives readership on LinkedIn?

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Should I write a blog?” a colleague asked me the other day He had written a few posts on LinkedIn and had gotten a decent level of engagement, so he was trying to figure out if he should keep writing. The simple and short answer to that question is, “Don’t blog unless you have an ongoing […]


You found WHAT? (or why you should be concerned about your Google cred in 2016)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Google yourself. But not right this second. Finish reading this post first. And then call or e-mail me. I can help you. I have never spent a penny on search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM) for my business (theONswitch) and myself (Nancy A. Shenker). And yet we’re pretty easy to find. And, with […]