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You found WHAT? (or why you should be concerned about your Google cred in 2016)

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Google yourself. But not right this second.

Finish reading this post first. And then call or e-mail me. I can help you.

I have never spent a penny on search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM) for my business (theONswitch) and myself (Nancy A. Shenker). And yet we’re pretty easy to find. And, with the exception of one really awkward video and my wedding announcement from 1983, most of the stuff you’ll find about me and  my company are things I’d like to be known, liked, and hired for. Of course, some businesses should spend part of their budget on professional search, but proceed with caution…

Google has been changing its search formula (algorithm, for those of you who like big words) since its debut in 1998 and is now giving more weight to “thought leadership content” and mobile responsiveness (the ability for your pages to be viewed on multiple devices like tablets and phones.

I think that’s great news. It means that people and businesses will be rewarded for having something smart to share — rather than just for how much money they spend on advertising, PR, search companies, and pay-per-click.

So, what do you say if you have nothing to say? 

That’s where professional writers and storytellers come in. Everyone has something to say. The question is really who wants to listen to it and why.

I use a technique with our clients where I have them craft their own fictional first page of a Google search. In other words, they script what they would really want people to find in a search. And then, we work backwards to make that search dream closer to reality. Short of buying Google (which is not in my 2016 budget), one can’t guarantee search nirvana. But you can get a lot closer to controlling  your online image and being viewed as a smart and competent company/person. And people still want to do business with entities and individuals they know, like and trust.

I respect SEO/SEM experts and would like to see them make a living too, but I’m gratified to see that compelling content and storytelling is making a comeback in 2016. If the stories are true, that’s even better!

Make sure your Google tale for 2016 has a happy (and intelligent) ending! Read on…

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