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The 100 Years Club Installment #26: What Does Pretirement™ Look Like?

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When I moved to Arizona in 2017, I coined the word Pretirement.™

Like many of the other 3.8 million people who will live to be 100 (or older), I have no intention of stopping work.

In fact, my writing is better than ever, and I have kept my tech and life skills sharp.

What does Pretirement mean? It means I’m tired of bullshit and wasting time (because I have less of it left). I try to show everyone compassion, but some people are time- and joy-suckers, fibbers, users, and abusers, and I (mostly) avoid them.

I’d rather spend time coaching and mentoring people who respect my time and brain and avoid those who wallow in self-pity and self-righteousness.

Most important, I’m learning to define myself outside of work.

Having held jobs for 50+ years, I am like many other people of my era whose ego is very tied up in their work product and title.

But the kids I’ve birthed, the friends I’ve made, and the professionals I’ve mentored and coached are more important than any deck I’ve ever presented, client I’ve wowed, or the size of my retirement account.

I’m meeting so many people my age who are in the process of redefining themselves and their calendars, making time for passions they back-burnered while building their careers, such as:

  • Family and friend time
  • Travel
  • New types of relationships
  • Embracing fun hobbies and activities, like surfing, challenging exercises, and artistic endeavors
  • Self-care (which is critically important if we’re going to live to 100+)

“Do you still work?” is a question people often ask me. I consider it a bit tone-deaf and ageist. The old construct of working to 65, taking cruises, playing canasta, and talking endlessly about our health and our grandkids is so yesterday.

Pretirement is the new trend. And you can start doing it at any age.

Follow along on my journey, and let me know how you’re feeding your ego in your post-workhorse life!


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  1. April Langus

    Nancy, you took the words right out of my mouth! It’s a great time of life, even with some new aches and pains. I feel as if I’ve finally hit my stride. Always hated the phrase, “it’s a journey” Screw the journey, I’ve arrived! I’m so happy with my nonprofit marketing work right now and have no intentions of stopping.


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