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The 100 Years Club Installment #19: Balancing Humanity and Tech

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The combo of flesh, gadgets, and code has long been a topic I’m passionate about.

I wrote a column for called “Bots & Bodies™” and a book/site called “Embrace the Machine.”

They are more relevant than ever with the rapid adoption of AI.

People are often glued to screens, and they’re hiring and dating as if they’re ordering Door Dash, with little regard for others. Some people avoid phone calls because they are too “time-consuming.

The average amount of time on phones is now 3.5 hours every day. We spend about 8 hours every day online.

Automation should:

  • make us smarter and healthier
  • ease our lives and save time
  • inspire, entertain, and connect us
  • enable people with physical limitations to live better lives.

If it doesn’t do one or more of those things, unplug (literally).

I adore technology and gadgetry.  But I love people more.

Are your bots & bodies in balance? What tech are you using that enhances your life? What have you learned when you’ve disconnected?

And please answer those questions as a human, unassisted by ChatGPT!

P.S. Want to limit your screen time? Here’s how.



  1. Ohmyword! This is a wake-up call for me!

  2. Thanks for this. A great reminder and I’m with you: I love people more.


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