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The 100 Years Club Installment #7: Lucky Me?

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Luck…pot of gold…karma…kismet…bashert…manifestation…

I could go on and on. Those are all the woo-woo terms that explain the inexplicable.

As March draws to a close, I reflect on the role of luck in business and life and how simply being at the right place at the right time with the right people can lead to good (or even great) things.

This past month was a lucky one, indeed. Out of the blue (or green?) I secured two amazing new clients — Street Fight and the Color Design Development Group. I published an e-book about AI (because everyone seems to be freaking out about it). I traveled to and from the east coast calmly, happily, and without flight delays and without technology issues for my speaking gig about thought leadership and personal branding. I met some great new people and reconnected with old friends.

But is that luck or looking at life with an eye toward happiness and growth?

Admittedly, I’ve had some MAJOR losses and stresses over the past decade, sometimes in rapid succession. I was “down on my luck,” as we say.

The reality is that life can empty out that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and hurls it at your head when you least expect it. And sometimes, that leprechaun will violently chase and stomp you for no good reason.

After six decades of life, love, loss, and luck (good and bad), here are the only things I can tell you that MIGHT change your luck.

  1. Focus — I mean REALLY focus — on the good stuff. I was talking with someone recently who asked me about my list of “100 Things That Make Me Happy” and said they could never reach 100 things. Poor attitude! We all have small joys every day that should make us smile or even laugh. Challenge yourself to get to 100. (If you’d like to see MY list, please reach out!)
  2. Put yourself in situations that can lead to better things. The pandemic definitely messed with our heads, and we sometimes forget how to get “out there” to meet new people and find new opportunities.
  3. Speaking of the people around you…choose mentors, friends, bosses, and confidants who will help you get to a better place when you’re feeling unlucky or going through tough times. We OGs often have a perspective on resilience and problem-solving that can benefit people who are facing challenges for the first time.
  4. Head into the second quarter of 2023 with a clear head. Reflect on ALL the things (good, bad, and even ugly) that happened in the first 90 days of this year and apply the “Power of Regret” theory to the not-so-great ones.
  5. Create your “spring cleaning” plan for the second quarter and beyond. (More to come on that next week.)

So, whether your month of March (and first quarter) were green and prosperous or dark and scary, approach April and beyond with at least a little belief in some of that woo-woo stuff. You can sometimes make (or at least contribute to) your own luck.

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And I couldn’t resist throwing this one out there from “Luck Be a Lady”! “A lady doesn’t wander all over the room And blow on some other guy’s dice.”





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