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Route 66 Installment #34: Go Away

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Google now keeps track of my travels.

Between their regular reports and my Facebook memories, I seem to be escaping a lot.

Whether I’m heading by car to a new neighborhood in Arizona, visiting a Wild West town, or buying a one-way ticket to another U.S. state, I explore quite a bit these days.

And I believe that’s a good thing.

Although putting down roots and valuing stability can lead to great friendships and continuity, hitting the road is good for our mental health. 


Because I make my living writing content and developing brand strategy, long airplane trips (like the one I happen to be on right now) give me an opportunity to ruminate and focus.

I also tend to have bursts of creativity in random hotel rooms.

Something about the open road, open sky and a portable laptop (or other devices) give rise to a new level of thinking and innovation (provided no screaming infants or people like those below are involved).

And, if your August unplugging resolution involves a digital detox, long flights or solo hotel stays can be a great time to catch up on reading a novel, doing a handcraft, or simply talking to a random stranger along the way.

I’ve also been researching purpose-driven travel (like themed cruises, volunteer excursions, and exotic walking/cycling tour groups) for next year.


Travel is not everyone’s jam. I know lots of people who suffer off-the-charts anxiety when they need to drive more than 20 minutes or pack a bag for a night or two out of town.

As we age, fear and inertia can also creep up on us.

If that’s the case, even a little exploration from home can be mind-expanding.

For example, during the pandemic lock-down, I went on a couple of online “tours” and experimented with new recipes, thanks to Instacart.

So, whether your summer travels are exotic, business-related, or simply a never-tried-before air fryer concoction, remember that seeing, tasting, and experiencing new things is good for your brain and your soul.

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