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Route 66 Installment #29: The Strollabout

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Perhaps you’ve heard of a walkabout.

Technically, it’s a rite of passage in Australian Aboriginal society. But, I prefer the Urban Dictionary definition:

“A spontaneous journey through the wilderness of one’s choosing in an effort to satisfy one’s itchy feet.”

My parents are both gone. My kids are both grown. My business is steady and satisfying. And, although my feet don’t literally itch, I have a serious case of post-pandemic wanderlust.

So, I set off on what I describe as a “strollabout,” which is the mid-life equivalent of a walkabout.  It didn’t involve the wilderness. In fact, it was mostly within major cities and vacation destinations.

But the past three weeks marked the first time in about 44 years when I didn’t have to frequently check my calendar or messages or rush to my next location.

And it was definitely satisfying. Perhaps even exhilarating!

The highlights included:

  1. A warm and touching tribute to my late brother near Boston with friends and family. I stayed at the

    Every hotel needs a faux ferris wheel, right? This one is in the lobby at the Encore.

    Wynn Encore, where I worked out next to John Wall (but had no idea who he was while I was talking to him). We’re now Insta buddies.

  2.  The Fancy Food Show, resulting in multiple blogs and a video (and reunions with old friends and colleagues).
  3. Three glorious nights at the Bryant Park Hotel. The view of the park never gets stale.
  4. Relaxation and work in the Hamptons. I hung out with locals at Bostwick’s and The Palm bars, summer people at the East Hampton Grill, and my friend Mohna at the historic American Hotel. The East Hampton Farmers Market is my long-standing (or strolling) Friday AM destination.  I discovered a new workout class and burned off the calories I ate in #2.
  5. Several days with my daughters and grandpeople, which is always fun and memorable. I’ve been teaching my six-year-old granddaughter to write books in Canva and I produced massive giggles from my four-year-old grandson when I made jokes about his smelly feet. Were it only so easy to entertain adults!
  6. Wandering around another favorite city — Philadelphia. I even allowed myself to be talked into

    She sold me on Neutin Gifted Rewards

    downloading a new “coupon” app by an ambassador on the street. Her sales skills were way better than those of many people who message me on LinkedIn or cold call me.

  7. Lots of rumination about the second half of the year and the second half of my life. I’ve already planned my next few journeys.

The point of all this is not for you to yawn at my travel journal, but rather to encourage others (especially as we age) to:

  • Be fearless in your adventures and don’t wait for others to get you moving and exploring.
  • Stay close to friends and family, even when you’re far away.
  • Revel in past memories but create new traditions too.
  • Talk to strangers wherever you go.
  • Pack light.
  • Plan your next trip even before you return from your current one.
  • Take pix, but put your phone away and unplug for long stretches.
  • Get exercise (especially if you’re going to enjoy your meals).

I never had a study abroad experience, gap year, or post-graduation road trip.

Working, raising kids, and tending to an aging parent (not to mention COVID-19) limited my freedom.

Having traveled through airports in a wheelchair in 2021, I’m extra grateful to have both working ankles and enough energy to continue to explore the world.

At 66, this is my time.

When and where is your next strollabout?

Now for the photo album…

The Boston Leg of the Strollabout

NYC. I didn’t take too many pix. (People might think I’m a tourist.)

But we did compile this video from The Fancy Food Show


Ahhhh…the East End! Been going out there since I was about 10.

Family time in Maryland (Kids not pictured. I do respect their privacy!)


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  1. On one now, to beautiful Vancouver Island. And loving it!!!
    No deadlines!


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