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Route 66 Installment #21: Self-Help

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$42 billion.

That’s the size of the personal development (or self-help) market. It’s expected to grow 6% over the next few years.

We need a whole lotta help, apparently.

And personal development is actually a more accurate term than self-help because I don’t believe we really can’t get better at anything most of the time without the assistance of someone or something.

Consumers today spent billions ($42B to be exact) on books, subscriptions, gyms, magic skin potions, vitamins, gut-sucking undergarments, therapists and coaches, hair growth serums, tracking apps, and other products and services geared toward bettering ourselves.

As we age, we invest even more in that category. I suppose the fear of aging and death gives us a sense of urgency. Plus, the “youthification” of media tends to make us feel like we need to stay attractive and active in order to remain relevant.

I Accidentally Co-Authored a Self-Help Book at 66

I’d written a few business books. But, when I moved to Arizona 4+ years ago I was struck by the number of coaches, self-proclaimed gurus, vision board workshops, Insta celebs, lash and hair extension studies, gyms, IV centers, weight-loss franchises, and other businesses geared toward making you “better.”

(Many of those practitioners and services existed in NY too, but as a population, we were OK looking haggard and stressed much of the time.)

In any event, I’ve always been a believer that you need to combine steak (substance) and sizzle (hope and excitement) to succeed. I distilled it down to this formula:


And that’s what led to the creation of my latest book, with Emily Cornell (who I manifested in Minnesota, during an otherwise pretty miserable and cold year) and Jessica Wiederhorn (who I miraculously connected with through a colleague).

But neither of my co-authors (and muses) magically showed up on my doorstep. I met them both through some very deliberate and rational actions. The book includes:

  • Why woo-woo alone is never enough
  • How to build a USEFUL vision board with more than just paper and glue
  • What to look for in a coach and how to differentiate between “real” coaches and pep talkers

So, in the spirit of self-help, I’m asking you to check out our new book and let me know how our tips helped you (or not).

Now Do This

The first step in self-help and self-improvement is self-love. Focus first on your strengths, abilities, and innate talents.

Step away from TikTok and your screens for a few minutes and stop comparing your life and achievements to others’.

Pick ONE thing you want to do better the rest of the year. And help yourself (with a little help from your friends and family — and maybe our book)!

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