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Route 66 Installment #19: Help!

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My theme this month is HELP (as in Mayday).

Learning how and when to ask for assistance is a critical skill to have throughout your life.

Whether you’re sinking in quicksand (literally or figuratively), facing a crisis or work transition, or simply need to figure out how to create a Reel on Instagram, we all face those moments when our own brains and experience are simply not enough.

Shame and ego are just two of the reasons people hesitate to get aid from others.

Or, you may have been let down when you asked for help in the past (or asked the wrong people), so you gave up.

No one wants to be perceived as needy or incompetent. But, the reality is that engaging others in problem-solving ultimately makes us smarter, stronger, and more willing to give help ourselves (sometimes).

I’ve discovered that asking for help has gotten easier as I’ve gotten older.

I’m better able to pinpoint exactly what type of help I need, who might be qualified and willing to give it, and what incentive I can provide to them for extending a hand, a referral, or a part of their brain.

And science has even proven that helping others gives people a “rush” so you’re doing your colleagues and friends a service when you involve them in fixing your life or work, providing insights or wisdom, or simply carrying that heavy box to the elevator.

So, as the month unfolds, whisper “Mayday” to yourself and:

  • Think about what you might need help with
  • Who is the best person or entity to give it
  • Ask away!

How can I help YOU? You know where to find me.





  1. Pride has to be the biggest stumbler. It prevents us from asking for help. I see it in myself. I HAVE to power through [whatever] on my own!
    OR I could swallow my pride and seek help from someone who actually knows what they’re doing.
    Thank you for this, Today, Nancy. I needed the nudge…

  2. Nancy, asking for help is never easy–but if you have close friends, that’s when it is as valuable as gold. I talked to Rita, my friend, just this morning. We go way back through ups and downs. She is a gift.


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