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Route 66 Installment #17: Junk Food & Insomnia

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For much of the country, bikini (and Speedo) season is less than 40 days away.

Because I live in AZ, I wear few clothes all year round, which doesn’t allow much latitude for bulking up over the winter. I’m more aware of how I eat and drink than ever before.

But clean eating is more than just a vanity play.

This month, I’ve talked about various aspects of your life and how you can “spring clean” them. 

Sadly, processed food has been poisoning us for years. This book was a real eye-opener for me.

I recently discovered from personal experience that adult-onset food allergies are also a thing.

Yeah, I know you may love your ice cream, Cheetos, or breadbasket. Or, you might crave those 33 pounds of cheese that Michael Moss says the average American consumes each year. I’m not the food police. Splurge away. But just be aware that what you put into your body can have a significant impact on both your gut and your head.

Here are 33 healthy foods (that don’t taste like cardboard) that I discovered this year. (And I’m going to the summer Fancy Food Show in June to discover more!)

Stressed and depressed?

It may be work or life pressures. Or, it may be that bag of Oreos you ate last night. Here’s how food correlates with mood and mental health.


According to recent studies, eating well starting at an early age can add as much as ten years to your life.

And, after you’re done eating…

Get some high-quality sleep! 

I miss the days when I could easily sleep to noon on weekends (although it cut into my daylight fun time). Getting enough sleep is even more important as we age. 

Here are 7 benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. Power down your devices, don’t stuff yourself before bed (or get up for a midnight snack) and track your sleep quality so you can pinpoint why you may be tossing and turning. I’ve started wearing one of these so I can better understand what keeps me up at night (literally).

Jacked, lucid, and well-rested

So, whether your motivation is that skimpy body-revealing bathing suit or just better performance at work and in life, you should consider what goes into your mouth and when you put your head on that pillow.

And if you want more tips about spring cleaning your diet and sleep patterns…

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  1. John Carey

    Yup. Brilliant. Sleep and good eating were my 2021 New Year’s Resolutions and I started before Christmas. Those, along with regular workouts with cardio and resistance weights, have helped me lose over 40 lbs since Thanksgiving and I feel physically better at 66 than I did in my 40’s. Yes, Nancy, being in Arizona and not able to hide behind the giant Irish sweaters which were my trademark when I lived back east has a lot to do with it!


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