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Route 66 installment #5: happy endings

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No, no, no! Not THAT kind of happy ending!

I’m talking about how we end every month.

Especially as we age, focusing on all the stuff that didn’t go right, the resolutions we have already broken, personal and work disappointments, and our aches and pains is pretty common.

Striking the right balance between looking back (or what I call “rearview therapy”), living in the moment, and planning for the days/months/years ahead is especially tricky in 2022.

After all, life, work, and travel plans can all change in an instant as a result of a nasal swab, an injury, a snowstorm (although not in AZ), or some other unanticipated event.

So, in January I took a page from my old Citibank days…

Every month at Citi, we had to report to our senior management about the highs and lows of the prior month and what we anticipated for the next month.

I took a little bit of time to craft a list of 31 things that made me happy and/or successful in January. It was a simple and great exercise.

I didn’t have to turn it into a PowerPoint or subject myself to grilling by a room full of dour and impatient executives.¬†And I didn’t need to wear shoulder pads and nude pantyhose.

The list was just for me.

And, because I’m artsy and craftsy, I color-coded it so I could quickly see the balance of work, play, and both.

Not only did it make me feel better about the days that just passed, but it also sparked ideas for things I need to do next month (and the month after that) to enjoy myself more.

The Next 66

Whenever I tell people I’m at the halfway mark of my life, they usually doubt me. But believing that you have as many great years ahead of you as you do behind you is critical to staying engaged, active, hopeful, and attractive.

My years in corporate America scarred me in many ways. I was definitely subjected to “process overload” and way too much time spent in meetings and preparing for them. Not to mention living in fear that my progress would not be good enough and I could be fired at a moment’s notice.

But some of the disciplines I learned along the way have direct application to the life I’m currently living.

January was not all party hats and glee. I had some dark moments and made some mistakes.

But ending the month happy and feeling at least a little accomplished is a great way to start the next month hopeful and positive.

What’s YOUR happy ending?

Even if you can’t get all the way to 31, I bet you can find at least three good things that happened in January!

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