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The Wild & Weird Adventures of Scooter Girl: Installment 4 (FAMILY FESTIVITIES)

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If all goes well and my bones are fusing, I’m more than halfway through my “booted life.”

What better way to celebrate this milestone than to board another plane and fly east to see my fam for Thanksgiving?

Exactly four weeks ago today, I heard four unexpected words.

No…they weren’t “Will you marry me?” or “You are a millionaire.”

It was “Your ankle is broken.” Actually, it was seven words — “Your ankle is broken in two places.”

Over the past three weeks, I’ve become rather adept at the chauffeur and wheelchair combo. I even remembered this time to hit the ATM so I had enough cash to tip the wheelchair wranglers.

This Thanksgiving season I’m especially grateful for:

  • My new extended family (my younger daughter’s in-laws), who hosted an amazing feast and found ways I could help prepare the meal without standing up.
  • Both my daughters and the in-laws, who made sure I was comfortable in their guest rooms, waited patiently while I navigated stairs and the Xmas tree farm, and gave me a pass on my usual mom-ish duties.
  • The many people who work at the airport, Tracey (who helped me get there at the crack of dawn), and ChefDriverMD, who shared his wisdom and wit (and recipes) on the drive from Maryland to D.C. And, of course, the wheelchair squad at the airport.
  • My grandkids, who found ways to play with me without my having to sit on the floor or carry them around.

I am more motivated than ever to keep this body active and healthy for the years ahead so I can enjoy family, friends, and the holidays.

Here’s to a turkey trot in 2022!

Random Tidbits

The giant chocolate turkey was from a newly-discovered place called Bissinger’s. I looked at it once and it kept following me on social media until I finally had to buy it.

My friend Nicki makes some great baking kits for kids. I met her when The Coookie Cups was just a logo and a concept. I stood in her first tiny bakery before it was remodeled. I love to see how far she’s come and was thrilled to support her this holiday season. (She was also my publicist for a while and she is fantastic!)

I’m wrapping up my Thanksgiving journey in D.C. Staying at the Canopy Hotel at the Wharf. My younger daughter said I’d love this area, and she was right! Window shopping locations for my next home. Hmmm…this one is high on the list so far. (The Wharf, not the hotel. Although I would actually like to live in a hotel full-time).





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