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GRATITUDE #1: Elle Schwarz (The Grateful 40)

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Yesterday, I launched my GRATEFUL 40. I’m going to pay tribute to at least 40 people and things that were bright lights amidst the chaos and dreariness of 2020.

What better way to kick it off than to thank the oh-so-talented designer who helped me create the graphics for the 40 days and whose work led to a Killer Content Award earlier this year.

The Behind-the-Scenes Story

I was consulting to a high-growth tech company in 2019.

They had engaged me to write a huge (almost superhuman) amount of marketing content. We were looking for someone who understood branding PLUS b-to-b marketing PLUS was fast, fun, and flexible to work with. Preferably on the west coast, so we could be in the same time zone.

Enter Elle. I discovered her via a professional Facebook group, sifting through dozens of random portfolios. Elle stood out.

She has done design work for everything from name-brand apparel to skateboards and theatrical sets. Elle can be serious when needed but always adds a little oomph and color to business communications.

Following that big project, we worked together on a variety of design challenges in 2020 — including my own branding (which I don’t entrust to others very often).

Lessons I’ve Learned from Elle & Our Working Relationship

  1. Great design is worth an investment. When words come alive, you see the difference in results.
  2. Talking to strangers and word-of-mouth referrals are timeless.
  3. The right creative collaborations result in new thinking, growth, and sometimes even an award.

Here’s to many more colorful and break-through-the-clutter projects. Thank you, Elle!



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