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Mr. Waters Was Correct

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“You should be a writer,” said Mr. Waters.

He was my 11th grade English teacher at Jamaica High School*.

My father obviously thought so too and he submitted one of my poems to the New Yorker when I was only 10. (It was rejected.)

Two college professors encouraged me to write and gave me lots of A’s. But we were heading into the greedy ’80s, so I became a  marketer and banker/fintech executive (long before it was called fintech), rather than a writer.

Throughout my corporate career I wrote marketing copy, presentations, and memos. Lucrative but not particularly satisfying. I could even make checking accounts sound sexy and intriguing.

Heeding Mr. Waters…

When I started my own business 15 years ago I began entering (and winning) writing contests.  I subsequently started this blog. Since then, I’ve published six books and I created four of my own websites. I learned just enough coding to make content come alive and how to marry it with graphics.

I now write regularly for the Forbes Agency Council, the Rolling Stone Culture Council, and the Society of Saleswomen.  I used to write for both and Thrive. I write white-label content for a couple of agencies and  I gig for Clearvoice. I publish a monthly e-zine, which generates record-setting clicks and views. I’ve written for 100’s of clients. (I’m not bragging…I’m leading up to the point of the story…I promise!)

And Helping YOU…

Three years ago I was hired to create lead- and revenue-generating web content for a fast-scaling SaaS company. It was a whole new type of writing for me and I loved it. Using Uberflip, I was able to understand how my words ultimately translated into interested eyeballs, engaged leads, and profits. I could actually translate my words into numbers — bottom-line results!

Writing is my passion.

Compelling people to take action after they read my words is gratifying.

I can help you get noticed, generate more leads, and make more money, 

Following my move to Scottsdale (about four years ago), I made the decision to spend most of my professional time creating engaging content (of all types — web copy, blog posts, business plans, offering memos, e-mails, press releases, social media posts, video scripts, presentations, speaker one-sheets, and other compelling customer-focused and high-quality storytelling).

Content that sells ideas and products.

Content that inspires people to take action. 

If you need something written, please check out my NEW capabilities overview.

Experienced, fast, and versatile. I’ve written about 100s of topics — B2B and B2C and B2B2C. I’m calm, mature, and flexible when you edit my work. I work for individuals, agencies, consultancies, and brands.

I also know how to use all kinds of CMS platforms and I’m a decent photographer, so I can post and illustrate my own content.  My social media influence has been valued at $1.6 million, so when I share content, it gets noticed and read. Mr. Waters had no clue that I would need to learn how to do that.

Thank you to him and to all the other men and women who knew something about my talent long before I did.

And thank you in advance for hiring me for your next writing project.

P.S. I continue to speak at conferences and consult with theONswitch. I’m also looking for a part-time teaching position (in a real classroom or online). Words are powerful — when on a screen and when spoken aloud.

*Jamaica High School has an interesting history. It first opened in 1854 and the structure that’s in the picture was built in the 1920s. It looked pretty much the same when I attended and my graduating class was about 1,300 kids. Famous alums include Francis Ford Coppolla, Olympic athletes, and Pullitzer Prize winners. Sadly, it was closed by the city in 2014 and its slow demise was the subject of a great New Yorker article.



  1. Awesome write-up Nancy, love your style of writing and kudos to you on all of your success with getting published! Will be more than happy to refer any of my clients to you!

    Reading this reminded me of a teacher who inspired me…Mr. Hocevar my Grade 6 math teacher who made me feel “cool” for being nerdy with numbers. Thanks Nancy for that great memory jogger.

    P.S. Thank you for the Uberflip love!!! <3

  2. Nancy Fox

    Congrats on your new direction… it’s your gift for sure!

  3. David Wrubel

    This was always in the stars for you. Your new direction, based on your passion for writing, is the RIGHT direction. Congratulations on finally acting on it!


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