Bad Girl, Good Business


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We’re in the home stretch of 2016…and what a wild and wacky year it’s been!

I’ve been neglecting this blog for close to ten days while I’ve been focused on getting my “new baby” ( out of the delivery room and into the hands of some competent caregivers.

Recently, I’ve been writing lots of tips for small business owners about what they should be doing during the final six weeks of the year. Now, here I sit in snowy Minneapolis (visiting my newest client) on a quiet Friday afternoon, realizing that I haven’t really practiced what I preach…reflecting on all the things I learned this year…how my business (and I) changed…the incredible people I met…the people I’ve known for a while who supported me during tough times (and those who didn’t)…and what my vision is for 2017 (or at least the first quarter).

As years go, it was a doozy…a major move, a birth, a death, gaining and losing and gaining big clients, a loss of 20 pounds (woo hoo!), staff changes, happy reunions with several professionals from my past, financial peaks and dips, and a wide range of speaking and writing opportunities (which was my vision at the end of 2016). The word”resilient” comes to mind — like the Cheerleader in the TV show Heroes who had the ability to regenerate her cells when she was broken. I’m emerging stronger and more spiritual (but not in a creepy way…more in the sense of having faith that if I’m patient and kind, good things will come to me without my nagging or pushing or stressing.)

I try to avoid “me-me” (or mimi, for those of you Francophiles out there) blogging. But here are just a few of the things I did this year that you might find useful. I’m even including some third party links, in case you don’t trust me.

  • I kept a gratitude journal throughout November. Even when I had truly sucky days, I was able to reflect on the good things that happened within those 24 hours. Although I didn’t write every day, science says that might actually be a good thing.
  • I downsized and gave away at least 75% of the stuff I owned. I worked with a professional organizer, which I strongly recommend. Not only did she compel me to part with crap I really didn’t need, she taught me how to “origami-fold” my undies, which is a very useful skill for living in small spaces.
  • I reconnected with two awesome women I worked with more than a decade ago at Reed Exhibitions — Eileen Baird and Denise Halter. We are working together again in different capacities. Speaking of connections, the experience of working on sheBOOM has opened up all kinds of new relationships and friendships. One of the women I interviewed for sheBOOM is in the process of crowdfunding her new bakery concept…I’m including the link here. No pressure…just like to help out the supportive entrepreneurial women in my life! I’m re-discovering “girlfriend power” in both my personal and professional life.
  • And, just so the guys don’t feel left out…I’ve also met some amazing entrepreneurs and mentors of the male variety. They inspire me, challenge me, and make me laugh.
  • I learned a lot of new tech-y skills, which is always a priority for me. Although I much prefer the real world to the digital one, I know that navigating apps and code is a necessity if I don’t want to become a fossil. But I still unplug and practice just “being” without a device in my hand.
  • I took some big risks and made some bold and scary moves. But more about that in 2017…

Enough about ME. I couldn’t have survived and thrived this year without the support and insight from my friends, family, clients, colleagues, and random helpful people I’ve come in contact with over the past 10+ months. And the year isn’t quite over.

The only thing “bad” about this girl is my love of rule-breaking. At the end of the day, kindness, mindfulness and personal freedom (however you define it) is what it’s all about.

Remember…we have six weeks left in 2016. Invent, re-invent, connect, re-connect…and find at least one thing to be grateful for every day. 

What are YOU most grateful for? How will you make the next (approximately) 35 days count?




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