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Porn-Normalcy: Is Sex Just Another Job? (Business of Fun #15)

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The New York Society for the Suppression of Vice dissolved in 1950. 

But vice is alive and well. We’ve been blogging about other vices this week — booze and cannabis. So, it seems only natural that we should move on to sex (followed by rock and roll). This great article in Forbes covers the history of “sex as business” and brings to light the fact that things that used to be considered taboo are now fairly mainstream. But the timeless reality is that sex sells — whether it’s in a provocative ad…a film…a retail store…a museum…a video game…or an app.

Here are just a few facts about the passions and profits in the sex business:

  • The global sex toys market is expected to grow almost 7% by 2020 due to increasing awareness and a wide variety. Here’s how the industry has evolved over the past 20 years.
  • According to NBC News, the global porn industry amounts to a whopping $97 billion.
  • Sexnology” = Sex + Technology. We can thank the geeks for 3D televisions and virtual sex.
  • Among the different ways you can profit from sex is investing in the $1.3 billion condom industry.
  • Forget the role play. Check out these sex apps.
  • New York City even designed a whole Museum of Sex.

If you’re ever in doubt that sex sells, take a look at the fuss E.L. James made with his best-seller Fifty Shades of Grey. By incorporating innocent romance with Christian Grey’s erotic fetishes, over 100 million people couldn’t put the book down. People seem to be more inclined to read a book that has some sort of romance or provocative undertone to it. Books, big screen, and small screen….people love them all. Read here for the top 10 Netflix TV shows and movies with the most sex.

Clearly, we all love to be entertained by sex, but not everyone is an active participant. In fact, a just-published study indicates that millennials are having LESS sex than other generations. Find out why here.

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