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Why Twitter Chat on Friday on April 1st? (No Foolin’!)

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“I don’t get it!” I often hear when I speak to professionals about Twitter

Boomers often have a tough time wrapping their heads — and fingers — around Twitter, which is a steady stream of 140 character messages with lots of hashtags (#) and, more recently, pictures and video (including live video via Periscope).

I recently wrote a birthday message to Twitter, outlining what I (as a marketer and writer) believe it’s good for. The Twitter bird and I have been together since it hatched, and, as Twitter says on its own website, ”

Twitter is your window to the world. Get real-time updates about what matters to you.

Unlike some taglines, this one is really true.

If you want to get your Twitter bird on this Friday, here’s a great way to try out a Twitter Chat. For those of you who remember life before 2000, it’s like a dial-in radio show where you’re guaranteed to be on the air. It’s a great way to network (without leaving your desk or your sandwich), make new social media friends and learn a thing or two in the process. You can even do it in your underwear (but please don’t admit to that during the chat. Definitely TMI).

The topic is a relevant social media can be used to help small businesses (especially in the service sector). (Full disclosure: It’s being led by my client, Booker.) Unlike attending a live conference, you can leave at any time without feeling disrespectful. You can hear perspectives from diverse professionals. And you can refer back to the “transcript” afterwards if you forgot what someone said or if you want to contact him or her (via social media or in the real world) after the chat.

Booker Chat

Here’s how to do it:

  • Sign-up for Twitter (if you’re not already there)
  • Search for the hashtag #bookerchat
  • Refresh your screen often, so you can get the latest Tweets. At first, these Chats are a bit unnerving because of time delays. You may feel as if people are “talking” on top of each other, but if you read back the flow after the fact, you’ll find the tidbits of brilliance
  • If you like what someone said, just click the little heart icon. Or, retweet it. That’s the icon that looks like a little loop.
  • Here are more tips (including Twitter Chat etiquette)

Like any other social or business gathering, Twitter Chats are the most fun and educational if lots of people are involved. So, please join me and my friends from Booker for “lunch and learn” this Friday. I can’t buy you a drink, but Tweets are on me!

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