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Monkey Business

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Do you have fire in your monkey?

In case you’re not in touch with the Chinese Horoscope, 2016 is the year of the red (fire) monkey. And it starts today.

According to monkey analysts, we’re supposed to shake things up, create change, and innovate a new path. I’m having a Chinese identity crisis myself, because although I was born in a monkey year, my birthday technically fell on a sheep/goat year. So I guess I’ll just have to figure it out.

But now let’s get back to those monkeys…

More than 260 types of monkeys exist and anyone who’s been to the zoo knows that they share many quirks and characteristics with humans. Actually, chimps are closer to humans than monkeys. We seem to treat them with more respect too. We even cast them in TV commercials (which is, apparently, a controversial practice).  Monkeys remain second class citizens.

One of the best-selling Harvard Business Review reprints of all time was called “Who’s Got the Monkey?” It’s all about the concept of having a monkey on one’s back at work. (The origins of that phrase are detailed here, for you English majors out there.) Another business-related phrase that’s somewhat insulting to primates is the “800 pound gorilla.” The reality is that most gorillas average 400 pounds. I’ve certainly known enough people at work who’ve thrown a monkey wrench into plans. Or a boss who’s gone ape when I didn’t finish an assignment on time.

So, perhaps this is the year we’ll honor that poor little fire monkey and start treating monkeys, chimps, and apes with more respect.

And everyone should shake things up, create change, innovate a new path, and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

恭禧發財 (That’s Happy Chinese New Year!)

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