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Eat a Peach (or Not): The Newest App

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Lots of media buzz this week about Peach

Earlier this week, I wrote about apps that make ones life better. Peach just makes me sadder.

Why? The New York Times talks about “ambient intimacy” and the ability to boop, blow a kiss, hiss, or shout at a friend.  You can draw a picture, send a selfie, or otherwise share something personal with someone in your network.

I fear that we just keep inventing ways that substitute “finger play” for real life connection and conversation. The good news is that the millennials in my office hadn’t heard of it, and when I described it to them they said, “Why do we need that? It’s just another way to “poke” someone?” I was relieved.

This week I think I will eat a peach rather than downloading the app. But peaches aren’t really in season, so I may buy an apple instead. And don’t expect me to boop you.




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