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What’s the good news?

I like to wake up each morning and check the news. My sources are way different in 2016 than they were in 1976. No more paper New York Times for me. On a busy day, it’s sometimes just the Skimm.

What are people reading and sharing these days? We’re all bombarded with content, infographics, ads, selfies, filtered Instagram photos and other random bits of random stuff. The human attention span is only eight seconds (compared to nine for a goldfish). What are we paying attention to?

Of the top ten most popular news websites, close to half of them didn’t exist a decade ago.  All of them allow consumers to weigh-in on articles. The whole world has become an op ed section. Sadly, many news sites no longer verify the information they spread.

Because I like to start the week with something positive, the good news is that although people like looking at things that are a bit alarmist, they tend to share good news more than bad news.  And the really good news is that you can now subscribe to media that ONLY report happy and uplifting stuff — like the Good News Network, the Good News section of the Huffington Post and the Daily Good.

So, even though it’s Monday morning and, according to the news, the temps are only 26 degrees today…I plan to have a good news day!

BGGB.OkeyDokey-fred Journalists predict the future of journalism.
BGGB.OkeyDokey-fred What’s trending? You can subscribe to a hashtag analytics service.
BGGB_Thumbs-Down-fred Media hoaxes are timeless.
BGGB_Pointer Arizona State actually has a course titled “Overcoming Information Overload.” Here are some other journalism courses designed for 2016 news.



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