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Tradition and Timelessness: Xmas Eve Musings

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Today is Throwback Thursday.

And tonight is also Xmas eve 2015.

It’s a time of traditions, of family, and (hopefully) of unplugging (which I’ll do as soon as I finish this blog post).

Now, what’s the story behind the photo? It’s one of yours truly and her family circa sometime in the 1960s. I assume my Dad (who died at 64 but would have totally embraced digital media had he lived to see the birth of the Internet) was taking the photo with some form of ancient camera (a Kodak perhaps) with flashbulbs.

What are some things that I love about this particular picture?

  • We are all wearing comfortable footwear.
  • I still have the same basic smile and a penchant for cheery dresses.
  • I am clinging to Kissy the doll. What I loved about her was that she actually DID something. When you pulled her arms together she made a kissing sound. I was an affectionate gadget girl even back then.
  • My younger brother (far right) is responsible for my even having this photo. An engineer, he thoughtfully digitized all our family albums.
  • My older brother — the self-appointed protector and defender — seems to have found a comfortable place between me and my mother.
  • And, my mom — who is now 89 — seems joyous to be just hanging out on the couch with the three of us.

It was a simple time…we had no digital toys or big screen color TVs.

But we had conversation and family and hope and memories. And kisses.

The good news is that we still have all of that. It’s Xmas eve…perhaps throughout the holiday season (and maybe beyond) we can all make Throwback Thursday come alive and find some of those things again!

To all a good night…





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