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Crystal Ballsy: what’s in your future?

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2016 Trend Predictions…Gotta Love ‘Em!

They are among my most favorite content to read this time of year, along with the “Top 10 Best of 2015” lists. This one just crossed my screen. What I liked most about it is that I could listen to it while I worked (sort of like the radio…remember that?)

I would never totally overhaul my business/marketing strategy based on predictions. But I use them to better understand how the world is changing and how to NOT become a dinosaur over the next twelve months.

The seers of the business world are often thought to be a little nuts. One of my co-workers told me about how his father proposed the idea of “coffee cafes” to a major established java brand long before Starbucks launched and was practically laughed out of the conference room.  (I love the film “12 Monkeys” and have even coined the phrase “”12-Monkeying,” which means telling your co-workers what will happen in the future and having them roll their eyes and titter. And perhaps even talk about having you locked-up.)

The line between visionary and crackpot can sometimes be a thin one. But if you’re in business, keep your tittering to a minimum. Be a little crystal ballsy…you may wind up ahead of your time!

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