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Hot Under the Collar

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Anger in the workplace…

It’s ugly and destructive. In fact, unbridled rage anywhere sucks. I met-up with a former colleague last week and we chatted about bully bosses and public abuse of employees. I confess. I have been guilty of that crime myself over the years. Anxiety, frustration, jealousy, deadlines and financial pressures, toxic behaviors among colleagues, and lots of other factors fuel workplace anger. Aptly-named Monster outlines the main reasons for workplace anger.

Some of our great business leaders got angry. But they figured out ways to channel their emotions to deliver results, according to this article in Inc.

But when women get pissed-off, it can cost them financially. As much as $15k in earnings, says this study. Over the years, I worked with women who were either pushovers or hard-asses. I didn’t have too many role models who fell in the middle. I’ve been working for and with men and women since 1977 and am still trying to figure out that perfect leadership style. If you have any tips, bring ’em on!

But what do you do if you’re on the receiving end of workplace wrath? One of my fave speakers, Dr. Rick Brinkman offers up some great tips for dealing with people he calls “Grenades.” I’ve applied them and they really work.

As I was writing this post, I realized that workplace rage must really abound, because Amazon is filled with titles on how to deal with it. (I just added “The No Asshole Rule” to my Goodreads list!) If we all learned to control our emotions, hundreds of authors/speakers/writers might be out of work. I wonder if that would make them angry. Hmmm…

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