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Hot Girls

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No…not those kinds of hot girls.

I’m referring to entrepreneurial, passionate, innovative, smart, and professional women who are changing the business world. In fact, they aren’t girls at all. They are all grown-up, savvy, and self-confident.

The theme for August is “heat.” Temps are soaring here in New York, which is my inspiration. Like wildfires, great ideas can spread rapidly. But sometimes, igniting that first entrepreneurial spark is tough.

I started a company of “fire starters” back in August 2003. At first, it was just me, some hot ideas, and a book of wet matches (metaphorical ones, of course) in my basement.

But, over time, more and more businesses sought us out to create those moments of creative combustion that would start a spread of new thinking and prosperity. Just as a raging fire provides heat to those around it, hot ideas can inspire others to change, grow, and dream. And we risk-takers are the sparks that can start those good fires.

So, here’s to all the girls who play with matches!

P.S. Heat has other meanings in the marketing world these days. Check back next week for what’s new in heat mapping.

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