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Feed Your Head!

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Nourishment takes many forms.

Earlier this month I wrote about the Fancy Food Show, the place where people sample a wide variety and combination of treats and flavors.

Just as we fuel our bodies with new and unique treats, we need to fill up our minds with unfamiliar ideas, skills, and dreams. But, like Cheese Doodles and Ring Dings, those thoughts can be “empty calories” and leave us feeling bloated and unhealthy. Be mindful of what you’re feeding your brain.

Most mornings, I peruse Flipboard and Medium, great sources of insights and information. I get my daily news summary from The Skimm. I often visit trade shows and conferences to learn about new industries and listen to smart people talk about stuff. This week, I’m starting the process of taking the GRE (a practice test at Inspirica) as a means of embarking on a new educational (and perhaps career) adventure.

I feed my work team too. Not only do we have a big supply of Quest and Kind bars in the office, every week, each team member at theONswitch is assigned a “book report,” which is a short research project on a new social media or marketing skill. I try to choose wisely from the cerebral shelves and encourage those around me to do the same.

The health of your brain is as important as the shape of the rest of your body. You may have killer abs, but if your grey matter deteriorates, you’ll just be an empty shell. Here are some tips for keeping your head intact.

Recent scientific research indicates that we really can rewire our brains. (I learned a new vocabulary word today too — neuroplasticity.) I’m committed to living to at least 100 and finishing up my stint on earth with all my marbles. So, while you’re reaching for that gluten-free snack or doing 100 sit-ups, think about taking up meditation, doing puzzles, or going back to school.

You may feel wiser for it!



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