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Hey chicks (and guys)! Are your eggs all in one basket?

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Loyalty versus diversity…

It’s a tricky thing in business and in life. On the one hand, focusing on one industry, one client, or one single objective can be terrific. Commitment and a single purpose can make life simpler.

However, weird and unexpected stuff can happen overnight. When I worked in the corporate world, I saw how changes in management sometimes resultedĀ in agencies and vendors losing their primary source of revenue in a flash. The recession and the social media boom made many of us small business people skittish as well. If one is dedicated to a particular industry, media, or type of client and that sector starts to shrink, we shrink along with it.

Andrew CarnegieBut Andrew Carnegie disagrees. He was a one basket kinda guy, apparently. My business coach is always urging me to streamline and focus too. I guess the “watching” thing is what’s really important.

I am still working on my “basket” philosophy. I just want to be sure whatever happens, I still have enough eggs to make a great omelette (metaphorically).



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  1. Thanks Nancy! I’ve always wondered that myself and my spa business definitely showed that strength. I am currently going for the Corporation experience now and I do constantly wonder if it’s the best omelet šŸ˜‰


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