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Lucky Charms

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Some weeks are luckier than others.

Or, perhaps we are just more in tune with those rainbows that are hidden along our normal path.

Whether it’s a cosmic four leaf clover thing or something else, last week was magical. It started on Tuesday morning. I had slept late, but then took a dose of Power On, developed by the guys who are sitting in my old office. I was feeling especially focused and high-energy.

About five minutes before my regular commuter train was scheduled to arrive, an empty train pulled up the the platform. Strange. The handful of women on the platform simply boarded it. We didn’t know where it was going, but we assumed it wasn’t Hogwarts or an alien planet. I struck up a conversation with the woman across the aisle from me. We had an immediate connection (both professional and personal) and we will be doing some terrific things together in the weeks ahead.

That night, I went to an event where I ran into an old colleague who had been influential in my launching my business. I had no idea he would be there. I happen to need his expertise at the moment. Perfect timing.

And then, I had a meeting later in the week with someone who I had randomly met at an event that I almost didn’t attend last year. He wanted to talk to me about an amazing new project.

I’m not a leprechaun. But I sure feel like the month is starting off with a pot of gold. Sometimes just trusting ones colleagues, talking to strangers, getting on a “ghost train,” or dragging your tired ass to a networking event can lead to prosperity.

Wishing you all one of those magically delicious months!


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