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Thanks giving

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I’ve recently taken to smiling more.

I say good morning and thank you to the folks who serve me coffee, ring me up at Target, and perform other small miracles throughout the day. I’ve taken to asking them how they are. I even say good morning to my co-workers at WeWork Bryant Park and have taken to bringing them homemade baked goods on occasion.

The impact has been incredible. I’m not performing a bizarre social experiment. I’m simply remembering to get out of my own head more often and connect with strangers in the real world (but not in a creepy way — or at least I hope not).

A random woman in a midtown elevator told me I brightened her morning — just by smiling. Who knew that I had such an amazing superpower between my gums.

Many of us spend countless hours staring at our little screens and forget to notice the people around us. Especially as we enter the holiday season, let’s all look up more often and connect with our fellow men and women. Maybe it’ll catch on. Perhaps you’ll even get a smile or thank you in return. How cool would that be?

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