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Be nice to the lunch lady!

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We all have lunch ladies in our business lives.

I mean metaphorical lunch ladies  (although some of us have a real live lunch lady in the cafeteria at our place of business). Who is she?

She or he that  person you deal with in your daily routine. She may be stern or warm and friendly. Her job is simply to serve each day. She doesn’t make-up the menu…she just puts the food on your plate and moves the line along.

The conductor on my train every morning…the girl who makes my decaf with almond milk…the front desk manager in my building…the woman who empties my trash pail. The “service workers” in our lives whose names we sometimes know and sometimes not.

We should all try to stop and say hi to these people and smile. After all, we see them often and they make our lives easier. They feed us, transport us, and keep our offices neat. Even if they don’t smile back, you should get in the habit. Maybe if enough people smile at the dour ones, they’ll eventually smile back.

BGGB.OkeyDokey-fred Famous lunch ladies in pop culture
BGGB_ShakingHands Advocating for the lunch ladies!
BGGB_Thumbs-Down-fred While writing this post, I discovered an entire section in Huffington Post that was tagged “being nice.” (How sad in some ways that we live in a world where people even need to search for those two words.) 


BGGB_Pointer Lunch ladyhood is not the most stressful job. These are.





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