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Giving Good Head Shot

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I’ve never been a huge fan of posed photos.

Perhaps I was traumatized as a child during those class picture sessions. The angst of deciding what to wear and how to smile and having to deal with a creepy school photographer insisting you twist your body in unnatural poses on a tiny wooden chair (while clutching a prop book) were enough to leave any child scarred.

But a few years back I met a professional photographer (Darryl Estrine) who totally healed those scars. But I’m not just writing this to wax poetic about Darryl’s talent (which I can’t even begin to express). I also realized through the process that visual digital media (i.e., photos and video posted on social media sites) is essential to engagement. A great picture is worth 1000 words (or more than 90 LIKES). Expressing ones genuine and human face seems to be especially important in our disconnected digital world.Color Headshot.Retouched

Within three hours of posting my new head shot on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages, I received a flood of LIKES, comments, and personal notes — many from people I haven’t spoken to in years. If you’re reading this, thank you. I was blushing as I read your praise.

Although everyone owns a camera phone and can take a selfie, the art of great photography (not to mention retouching) is still alive and well.  Professional photographers can not only capture the face…they have x-ray vision into the subject’s spirit and soul.  My head shot will last me at least three years and the cost will wind up being less than I spend on shoes and booze. And my Facebook friends usually don’t see those.

So, before you hire someone to shoot you…remember that the face you save will be your own. And that’s a pretty valuable asset — especially in the social media eco-system.

The Secret to a Great Shoot? Says Darryl,  “A great photo starts with comfort, it’s my job to make a client feel like they are at the best party (a little music, some food doesn’t hurt..perhaps libation) to help them drop all the tension and have a great time, feel special and know their best self was shown for the camera.”

Odds & Ends

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