Bad Girl, Good Business

Are you dirty?

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I figured that would be a good title for my first entry in a blog entitled “Bad Girl, Good Business.”

As we enter the spring cleaning season, we start to change over our closets (literally and figuratively). We look at our 2013 tax returns and may think about stuff we spent money on last year that we really didn’t need. Or, contemplate the stuff we need but can’t quite pull the trigger. We have an opportunity to re-evaluate and start a new quarter with some new rules. Now is as good a time as any for us to look at our businesses, clean-up our brand images, and streamline our day-to-day activities.

I re-branded my company in February — starting my spring cleaning early. To be honest, my brand was a mess. We all get into some bad habits and patterns in life and in business and sometimes we need to just take a step back, look at the schmutz that has accumulated over weeks/months/years, and resolve to de-clutter and de-toxify.

Over the past decade, I launched a couple of different blogs (hippytowiki and theONblog). I also write for the Huffington Post. “I am doing too much,” I would tell myself. But then I would just keep on doing it, afraid to walk away from old brands and old familiar habits. We all have  stuff that sits in our closets that we’re afraid to throw away. “Maybe coulottes will make a come-back,” we tell ourselves. We also tend to cling to old relationships, even though they may be toxic. Change sucks. And heavy lifting is exhausting.

But I finally took a deep breath and started by consolidating my blogs. This is the new one. I’m still going to rant and rave about how life has changed since the 1960s, technology that makes life better (and worse), and ways to get your work done faster and without too much angst (like the Erma Bombeck of small business wisdom).  I’ll just be doing it all in one place — right here.

So, please follow me, comment, and share. Also, let me know if I can help you clean your own closet (not literally, of course).

Don’t be dirty…at least when your business is concerned!



BGGB_Thumbs-Down-fredYour desk is dirtier than a toilet seat (and other gross things you’d probably rather not know)



BGGB.ThumbsUp-fredThe ultimate cleaning playlist.
Death to paper!



BGGB.OkeyDokey-fredHmmm…maybe I should get together with my girlfriends to do the laundry after work!


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  1. Love your new blog…nice and simple. Am doing a bunch of revamping and creating a blog now. If you ever want to come teach another class at Ruby’s Cove in Greenport let me know. Hope you’re doing great!


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