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The Naked Truth: It’s What’s Underneath Your Pants That Matters!

Please don’t dump on my pantsuit and I won’t rumple your trousers! This post is not about politics or fashion. It’s simply about character, progress and respect. I actually don’t own a pantsuit (although I had quite a few groovy ones back in the day, including a safari-style number). I wasn’t permitted to wear pants […]


Listen Up, Young Ladies! (Millennial Mania: Chapter 5)

Sorry if this sounds all preachy and school-marmy. I can’t help myself.  As a mentor of young women and women business owners, a mom/grandmom of girls, long-time boss-lady, and consultant,  I sometimes go there. But it comes from a place of love. I truly want the next generation of young women to prosper, find balance, […]