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Brand Mom: The 2017 Face of Motherhood

Reading Time: 3 minutes In marketing, we often categorize consumers and buyers by persona. In life, we often label people based on their behaviors, fashion tastes, and quirks. When I was growing up, we had stay-at-home moms (the vast majority) and working moms (whose kids were often pitied by other mothers but envied by kids of stay-at-home moms — […]


De-Burbanizing (aka Farewell to Lawns)

Reading Time: 4 minutes WARNING: This is one of those self-indulgent blog posts that has very little to do with business (unless you’re a working mother or woman Boomer, in which case you might find it inspirational). If you’re really busy at work and are looking for tips on how to make money, network, develop an app, track trends,  […]