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You Gotta Move It! (What’s New in Video Marketing at WistaFest 2017?)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Video accounts for 74% of online traffic…. Training, ‘splaining, selling, entertaining, branding…video has many purposes. Just as YouTube and Vimeo became the consumer delivery channels for video, Wistia has become the business platform for video content. This small but mighty privately-held Massachusetts-based company just held its fourth WistaFest — a convergence of video producers, agencies, […]


Being Meerkatty

Reading Time: 3 minutes First, what’s Meerkat? Meerkats are African animals of the mongoose family who live in groups known as gangs, mobs, or clans. They also apparently make cute chattering sounds. And a different kind of Meerkat (capital M) was all the rage at SXSW. It’s basically an app that allows one to shoot real-time video and post […]