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My COVIDiary #5: Let’s Talk About Intimacy

Reading Time: 2 minutes In middle school, we took a mandatory class called “Hygiene.” It didn’t really prepare me for the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a combination of sex-ed, tips on avoiding body odor, and other random health-related facts. Obscure educational films like these were a part of the training. Fast-forward to the AIDs era, when “safe sex” became […]


Touch Me Babe!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thanks for the blog title, Jim Morrison! But I’m not writing about the Doors. This is simply the next installment in my January series about fitness and our┬ásenses. I covered vision, hearing, and smelling. Watch this space for taste. But for now, let’s get to touching. Stand a little closer to the screen, baby! I […]