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Meals Meet Machines (Bites & Bytes: Part 3)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hot menu item for 2017: Technology! Although technology has been booming in the big food brand, chain, and fast food space for years, it has finally made its way to the kitchens and tables of SMBs (small- and mid-sized businesses). (See Part 1 for an overview and Part 2 about ways in which tech is […]


From Wifi to Waffles (Bites & Bytes Part 2: The Diner Experience)

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Feed me!” Isn’t that ultimately what a consumer wants from a restaurant, food truck, delivery service, or take-out window? It’s not that simple. Not only does a consumer want to be satiated by food, he or she now expects (dare I say demands?) a seamless experience…from finding the exact taste he’s looking for…to reserving a table…to wait […]