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The 100 Years Club Installment #68: My 10 Ways to Stay Young

Reading Time: 3 minutes No. It doesn’t involve Botox and fillers. I’m often told I don’t look 68, which is total bullshit because no one really knows in 2024 what 68 is supposed to look like. What I DO like to hear is that I exude a youthful energy and that my smile is that of a young girl. […]


Route 66 Installment #32: My Hot MAW Summer

Reading Time: 4 minutes You’ve probably heard of the Hot Girl Summer. But what’s a Hot MAW Summer? It’s not about being a meemaw. Although I’m a mother and grandmother, that nickname irks me. I’m simply Nana. MAW (a term I invented) stands for Mature-Ass Woman. A MAW is older, self-assured, empty-nested, and independent. She still loves to party, […]