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The 100 Years Club Installment #69: Personal Branding & Quinfluencing™

Reading Time: 3 minutes I coined the term “quinfluence™” a while back. What does it mean? In short, it’s focusing on the QUALITY of your community rather than just on the SIZE. Although mass eyeballs and earbuds are still critically important in our pop culture, reality TV, and fame ecosystem, I’d rather be considered steak rather than just sizzle. […]


Route 66 Installment #42: “Popular Kids”

Reading Time: 4 minutes It probably started in kindergarten… As we began elementary school (now called grade school), people began to form opinions about our “personal brands.” Back in the 1960s, we had no personal brands, however. We were just little kids. We all remember the strange kids, the tall kids, the fat and skinny kids, the short and […]