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“That’s What I Like” (and Why): An Ode to Pepsi

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pepsi’s new tagline is actually spot-on. I happen to like Pepsi Some brands appeal to me simply because of habit and inertia. Others really earn my love. I just finished researching stats about brand loyalty for one of my clients and then an e-mail/press release from Pepsi landed in my inbox. It was about Pepsi’s […]


Wonder Woman: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Reading Time: 3 minutes Since its opening, Wonder Woman has generated lots of social media chatter — and even more revenue… In fact, close to $300 million worldwide to date. It’s the most Tweeted film of all time and is being touted as both a summer action blockbuster and the ultimate woman’s superhero film. SPOILER ALERT  If you haven’t […]