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Up Periscope! Down Meerkat?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Video killed the radio star… and Periscope may slaughter Meerkat! I hit “Publish Post” after finishing my last blog…then faster than the blink of a mongoose eye,┬ástats reveal that Twitter’s own app, Periscope has as many users as the newly-launched Meerkat app. Celebrities and news channels are signing up, and citizen journalists used it to […]


Being Meerkatty

Reading Time: 3 minutes First, what’s Meerkat? Meerkats are African animals of the mongoose family who live in groups known as gangs, mobs, or clans. They also apparently make cute chattering sounds. And a different kind of Meerkat (capital M) was all the rage at SXSW. It’s basically an app that allows one to shoot real-time video and post […]