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Route 66 Installment #26: Hot (and Not) Food Trends PART 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes June bugs eat plants. And so did we. Plant-based products were among the hot trends at this week’s New York Fancy Food Show. In February, I visited the Las Vegas Show. And because 33 foods weren’t nearly enough, I went to the east coast show too. Not only did I discover a whole new range […]


“That’s What I Like” (and Why): An Ode to Pepsi

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pepsi’s new tagline is actually spot-on. I happen to like Pepsi Some brands appeal to me simply because of habit and inertia. Others really earn my love. I just finished researching stats about brand loyalty for one of my clients and then an e-mail/press release from Pepsi landed in my inbox. It was about Pepsi’s […]