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The $6.7B Weed World (Business of Fun #14)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yup…that’s $6.7 billion. $6,700,000,000, for those of you who still haven’t wrapped your head around it and like to see big numbers. That, according to Fortune, is the estimated size of the legal cannabis industry as of 2016. The Colorado cannabis business alone has generated $486 million this year…up from the previous year and has […]


Booze Clues: What’s Brewing in the Liquor Industry? (Business of Fun #13)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you ever heard of a beer farm? It’s a real thing. Just as I was preparing to write the last post in this 4-part review of the history of and trends in the booming spirits industry (covering evolution, business management,and technology), an article popped up in my feed (pun intended) about the “farm to bottle […]