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What’s in Your Dopp Kit?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pack these 3 Things in Your Brain and Your Device In case you don’t know what a dopp kit is, it was the original name for a┬átoiletry kit, invented in 1919. That sounds way more elegant than a product with “toilet” in its name. I love reading about things that were invented almost 100 years […]


Tech and Sex: Wasted on the Young? (Chapter 2 of Millennial Mania)

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Sex is wasted on the young…college is wasted on the young…youth is wasted on the young.” These are all expressions I’ve heard throughout my 60 years on earth, and I tend to agree with all of them (although I might not have when I was younger). I’m adding another one to the list…tech is wasted […]