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The 100 Years Club Installment #57: The 68th Truck Stop

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wow! Where did almost 7 decades go? Why don’t I haveĀ  Waze for my life journey? This year, I turned 68 (and my older granddaughter turned 8). I can’t help but think about how the world and my life have changed over the years and the vast differences (and similarities) between my 8-year-old self and […]


Route 66 installment #6: I am a passionista

Reading Time: 5 minutes What does that really mean? I am passionate about: people work things experiences my own self-care and improvement I use the word “love” a lot I am still a true romantic and “lemonade maker.” I believe strongly in the power of love February has always been one of my favorite months. I have vivid memories […]