Bad Girl, Good Business

Immediate Gratifiers & Spoilers: Super Bowl Part 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes Indulge me in this feminist/marketer/sports viewer rant for a few minutes… Can’t we ever be surprised anymore? Should I be happy — or cynical — that advertisers are acknowledging women and minorities? And do I really need to be on the field with the players? Or wear a silly “helmet?” As much as I’ve loved […]


Pole Vault: Why We Love the Olympics (Fun #1)

Reading Time: 2 minutes We like to watch other people jump, throw, run and sweat. Starting August 5th, many of our TV-watching hours (2 hours and 49 minutes, on average) will be spent viewing the Summer Olympics. How many other activities have been popular since 776 B.C.? Why do we love the Olympics? It brings out our “we are the world” spirit […]